The Keyword Planner will give you an idea of relevant keywords and their volume.


Google Ad Manager aims to cater to the Publisher end of the online advertising ecosystem. DoubleClick for Publishers was developed in 1995 and allowed publishers to sell ads on their websites.

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DoubleClick was acquired by Google in 2007 and made it possible for publishers to sell ads in real time. This made the process of reaching potential customers easier and faster.


Google Ads Manager can help publishers monetize their advertising on various platforms and increase their ad revenues.


This feature is useful for advertisers who want to reach new audiences or promote their products through new distribution channels.

Great Feature

Another great feature of Google Ad Manager is the ability to serve ads on YouTube and Apple News.


In addition to this, the program also offers support for Dynamic Ad Insertion, native ads, and six-second bumper ads.


Its ability to serve ads on multiple platforms and media platforms makes it easier for advertisers to reach a wider audience.

The tool analyzes account history, campaign settings, and search trends across Google to help advertisers stay ahead of the competition.

Google Insights

Google Insights provides advertisers with information on the performance of their campaigns. For example, it can tell advertisers whether their keywords have increased in search volume or decreased. Google Analytics can also tell advertisers about the changing behavior of consumers. Google Ads Insights are custom-built based on a business’s unique account performance and web-wide trends. Because of this, these insights are specifically tailored to specific market niches and are not relevant for companies in different industries. 

For example, if a dog subscription box is sold online, there will be a 197% increase in search volume for the term "dog subscription box" each month. The "dog toys" term, on the other hand, will see a 70% increase in search volume.

For Example

warning system

One of the key benefits of a Google Ads insights tool is its early warning system. It helps advertisers identify significant risks and valuable opportunities.

corrective action

This helps them take corrective action before crises arise and waste money. Moreover, early warning systems can help advertisers lower their cost per click and improve the performance of their PPC campaigns.


The new Google Ads Insights tool is a valuable asset for businesses that want to get the most from their advertising spend. With more data available, businesses can optimize their campaigns and maximize revenue.


These insights are based on historical search data and machine learning.