The Keyword Planner will give you an idea of relevant keywords and their volume.

Insights Tool

The information provided is customized to the company’s needs and will help marketers make more informed decisions.

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Analyzing Calls

By analyzing calls, advertisers can improve their conversion rates, increase their brand visibility, and increase overall revenue.


Furthermore, they can compare their Performance Grader scores with those of their competitors. All of these features make it essential for Google Ads managers to make the most informed decisions possible.


The Google Ads Insights tool provides a visual representation of the performance of their campaigns. You can see how your ads are performing by hour and day, and can make the necessary adjustments.

Marketers Optimize

Google Ads Insights can help marketers optimize their campaigns by improving their call tracking. It can also help you create more relevant ad groups and adjust bids.

Optimized Competition

Google Ads management's optimized competition feature has a host of advantages for business owners.

New Feature

This new feature eliminates the need to manually adjust line item configurations, or add additional tags to your website.

You can activate this feature by clicking on the Admin Global settings link, and selecting Network settings.


Once you’ve activated this feature, you can then run a report to see how your competitors are performing.

Using the optimized competition feature is a powerful way to improve your overall yield on dynamic allocation inventory. It increases competition between direct sales, indirect sales, and reservations, while protecting guaranteed line items. It is available for all networks, including Open Bidding and First Look, and unlocks high-value Ad Exchange demand.

Google Ad Manager has several functions. You may want to learn about the Insights tool and the Optimized competition feature. There are also tips to keep your campaign on budget and maximize your ROI.

Optimized Competition

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The first step is to sign up for a trial account. This way you can test the software before you make a large investment.

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This process involves analyzing data and making adjustments according to your campaign.


Google Ads management is the process of managing and optimizing your ads. You can even make bulk changes to your campaigns.