A limo (or limousine) is a luxury sedan or saloon car generally driven by a chauffeur and with a partition between the driver and the passenger compartment. Limousines often have a lengthened wheelbase.

The modern limo or limousine is a luxury sedan or saloon car, especially one with a lengthened wheelbase or driven by a chauffeur. The chassis of a limousine may have been extended by the manufacturer or by an independent coach builder. These are called “stretch” limousines and are traditionally black or white. Limousines are usually liveried vehicles, driven by professional chauffeurs. As the most expensive form of automobile ground transportation, limousines are culturally associated with wealth or power and are commonly cited as examples of conspicuous consumption. Among the less wealthy, limousines are often hired during special events (most commonly weddings, proms, and bachelor parties).

While some limousines are owned by individuals, there is a large majority owned by governments to transport senior politicians, by large companies to transport executives, and by broadcasters to transport guests.  Most stretch limousines, operate as customer service/transportation vehicles, providing the higher level of transportation in competition to taxicabs. Builders of stretch limousines purchase stock cars from manufacturers and modify them.   Most are in the United States and Europe and cater mainly to limousine companies.  Few stretch limousines are sold new to private individuals.  In addition to luxuries such as full video and audio entertainment, security features such as armoring and bulletproof glass are available.

In 2012, the limousine market size was over $4 billion in the United States.  That is a lot of money to be thrown around.  Why not see if you can get some of it.  There were more than 4,000 limousine companies employing 42,000 employees.


License needed to be a limo driver.  Otherwise known as a chauffeur.

In some countries, the driver may need to have a different driving license to that of a car license.

The legal license requirements to be a chauffeur will vary depending on your location and class or size of vehicle.  In some cases, you can get away with a simple permit, but in others an locations you may need additional professional license with certain minimum standards.   Such as: age, health, driving experience, criminal record, training attended.  Please let us know where you are located for license with dmv questions.

In addition to the minimum legal requirements, limousine companies often require their chauffeurs (drivers) to undergo specific extra driving training.  These courses may involve evasive or defensive driving techniques, the proper methods to ensure safety in the most extreme weather conditions, how to maintain control with a flat tire at high speeds.   Most large companies and government entities also have their own courses as to what they expect from their chauffeurs.  Chauffeurs may be taught proper etiquette for use when they are in presence of their clientele. They may also be trained for services to the client beyond the car itself, such as for a personal valet or bodyguard.  Many companies and local licensing agencies currently require random drug screening often in the United States .

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