Cargo Vans

Cargo Vans-

A light commercial vehicle is the official term used within the United States, European Unions, Australia, and occasionally in both Canada and Ireland. (where Commercial Van is more frequently used)  In the United States this is normally the box vans you see delivering goods to a business.  They are often used for a commercial carrier vehicle with a gross vehicle weight of not more than 3.5 tonnes.  The term light goods vehicle (LGV) has also be used by member countries which can be confused with Large goods vehicle(also ‘LGV’) which is the official European term for a vehicle with a gross vehicle weight of over 3.5 tonnes.

Qualifying light commercial vehicles include pickup trucks, vans and three-wheeler’s that transport commercially based goods or can be used a passenger carrier vehicles.  Often for medical transportation uses for passenger use in America.  The Light Commercial Vehicle concept was created as a compact truck and is usually optimized to be heavy duty built, have low operating costs and powerful yet fuel efficient engines, and to be utilized in inter-city operations.  This is a multi-billion dollar business as well.


This is a lot like the taxi.  While you can operate a most cargo vans with a valid license in the United States you will find that most companies will require a criminal and driving background to be performed.  This is mainly due to insurance reasons.  There are some special cases where you may need to have more background information checked.  If you are to go back and forth from airports this may happen.  This will also be affected on how heavy the load baring of the vehicle can be.   Please contact if you want more information.

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